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Its a sign!

Aztir a posted Apr 24, 16

We are all doomed!

GunnerV02 Does the 77y have a major? I recently encountered a person in the BBG server with the tags of Major and 77y and his name...
Templar tagtag yeah aztirr we need to give him sum
Abekrampe atagtag Aztir please make donation button directed at riki getting new mic

Picture of Aztir Leaked!

Kruse aRStag posted Apr 12, 16

Hello Everyone!

Monthly News will prevail!
We have recieved a picture of Aztir, and we will show it to all of you!


Long Live the News Team!

Jarl_Tyke It's a fake everybody knows Aztir is a ginger
chiefcenturion Where's his chest hair?
Syncmaster667 RStag My god...
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