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Kruse please, dont taint this sacred website with your MLP thanks - Everyone.

Gazlum aCpt. Does it actually bother you guys ... its just memes
Fralla8 Pfc. Amen

When Servers are Down

Kruse aRS.Jgr. posted Oct 11, 16

Just wanna let you all know, we have a highly classified team, always working to maintain our servers, both for website and gaming. With Felix in charge, they always try their best to keep our server to its best capacity!

SO remember, next time you wish to complain about server-stuff, look at the picture below, and know that there is someone working very hard to fix it for you!

Syncmaster667 aLCplRS. kek, plz post more memes
Fralla8 Pfc. Stop. Posting. MLP. Shit. Thanks.
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