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June News 2014

Kruse a posted Jul 2, 14

And when I start the monthly news this way, it is a horrible way to hide the fact that I failed fucking horribly this month D-:

I went off on vaycation, and while I was gone, a lot of people left. Among all, the lovely Grenadier JHS, decided to file in his application to leave. Sooo. Whoever reads this, please help show JHS that he is loved, and that we do not wish to miss him, because we want him to stay. Then I figured, I do not have so much time this month, so if I wanted to bring any good interviews, I had to get our own Unicorn-Lord, Aztir! But damn, that boy is so popular, he is pretty much impossible to catch and keep for an interview…. So I guess I owe you all a proper interview this month. But I do not come completely empty handed! Because I caught 2 guys from outside the regiment.
For their own sake, I will not bring up their names, but only share what they said about us :-D
I wasn’t here for the tournament, much sadness, but we do still have something from the event, but lets get on with the proper news!

bobertini a All nicely fixed for you Kruse ...
Kruse a The layout.... Im being fucking trolled by our webpage.... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Avior a Great work, as always!

May News 2014

Kruse a posted May 31, 14

Guess what? It´s Monthly News time!

May is at an end, and to be honest, I cannot tell May from April... Maybe perhaps i drank a bit too much throughout this month. But we had some good fun this month. Im writing this right after the 31th may 15th-event. The longest round we ever battled, and the 13vs13 all charge where it was 77y arty vs enemy demounted cavalry and lights, where Gaz typed in admin-chat that: "I will bet my money on the french, since arty melee is awfull" - aint that right Gaz? And what happened? Did melee win with only 3 deaths? So sorry to ruin your dreams Gaz, but you LOST! Just like we broke down Gaz this month. Can you believe it? Gaz actually thought he could hide from my interview in the officer lounge. Poor paranoid Gaz. So now you know what to expect in this edition: The golden words from Gaz, where we ask him who will be the next Lieutenant, and he doesn't hide from the question! Tune in for Drama, excitement, and broken hearts!
Oh, and by the way, remember to watch Malakiths Sunday Linebattle from the 25th May, where I kick Abekrampe in the face and accidently kills him!


Scarface Keep up the good work Kruse!
Abekrampe Yes please get greatsword, i think everyone needs to endure what the WS has endured over the last year...
Lortano #germannationalism

Prepare for Siege!

Kruse a posted May 15, 14
Just for those who were stupid enough to not attend Tuesdays training, prepare for fridays event!
It will not be a normal linebattle, no no, Captain Gaz had the pleasure of announcing that we instead will attend a Siege battle!
So prepare for Gamers glory, as we attend his favorite event: SIEGE!
Be there, and bring your best skills!

PGpartygamer can someone answer this question and help me i have bought m&b warband from talewords and if i buy napoleonic wars o ...
bobertini a http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Ironic.+My+stupid+attempt+at+a+new+meme.+I+tried_4bafa6_3552920.jpg ...
Jarl_Tyke Gamers glory that the skrims will not attend how ironic
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