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Melee Tournament 27/1-2015

Kruse a posted Thu at 0:15
Hello Guys

It is time again!
Apparently, people are having a hard time grasping that we actually have a schedule for tournaments now, so here is a reminder.
Because we do Doubles after the first training each month, we do Singles after the last training each month. That means: The years first singles-tournament is this tuesday!
So, come out and bring your A-Game, because wouldnt it be quite the honour to be declared the first best melee-guy?

Now, some claim that they do not care about prizes, and just want the honour and fun.
A few have said they dont want to come if there are no prizes. That is why I am comming up with the easiest prize I could figure out this time.
In the next monthly news, I am going to publish the first public Beta of the 77y-game!
And I think it would be a shame if we have to stare at a playable chicken again, so what about we say that the winner of this tournament, get to decide on the design of the main character?

Of course, people are welcome to bring better prizes, but that is what I can offer this time ;-)

But none the least, come for good fun, and maybe a trick or two on melee!

A shocking discovery!!

Aztir a posted Jan 18, 15
watch this, and be mindblown!

pau777 do you have to do traininig when apllying on 77y
Rjn3 Sorry about the luagage gg
Rjn3 O he'll no this isn't real

December News 2014

Kruse a posted Jan 1, 15

December News 2014

Hello everyone! This is a special news for me, for many reasons! Lets line them up in a nice picture, shall we?

1.       It is being written and published the day after New Year's eve... Meaning I am a bit hangover, but it is cool. Makes room for mistakes that you can point out and make me look bad.

2.       It is the last news for 2014. So sad.

3.       It is the 12th edition of the monthly news, which means it is the 1 year anniversary for the monthly news! YAY!

That should be enough - SPECIAL NEWS! YAY!
So stay tuned, I bet you will find that we found a special theme for it ;-)
And before any of us forget:


Scarface You got all the big names on the list of people to interview Kruse good job...now what...I hope some new interesting pee ...
Gazlum a Just glanced it and lost count of the amount of magical fucking horses
Aztir a Glorious!
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