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October News 2014

Kruse a posted Nov 9, 14

Hello Glorious 77y

Wow.... What a month. This has been one tough month. I believe that this is the month with the largest amount of leaving members in quite some time. But still, we have had a good month likewise. When people we know disappear, it makes room for people we do not know, to rise and shine. Gaz announced NCO-tryouts in the future, so make good use of it everyone. Also, this has indeed been a month with many different sorts of candy for the players. 2 tournaments with prizes have been held, and Line was announced that they could earn games, simply by attending more than the others.  So we here at the Monthly News, couldn't let this month pass without giving something to the community too.

Stay tuned for more info ;-)


mercenary_captain wait gaz announced nco?? link to form??
NickLazanis This is actually one of the most interesting interviews i read You were right Kruse monthly news will prevail! Good job ...
NickLazanis Osiris was banned before this was posted D:

October News 2014 - Delayed

Kruse a posted Oct 31, 14
Sorry friends - once again, Monthly news will be delayed.
Blame my friend who was stupid enough to get sent to Hospital.
But Monthly News WILL prevail!
Buda Doufám, že se to již nebude opakovat
Mattwooify oh sh*t i thought it said NWL not news XD *dies in corner*
Mattwooify Это как реальные люди в 77y должны говорить, но с моими ak47 мы победи ...

Tournament Winners!

bobertini a posted Oct 28, 14
Congrats to Raii, Koala and Osiris for winning 5-3 against Gaz, Bumfluff and Kruse!


Osiris #SWEG
Scarface Could had up textures a tiny notch for the screenshot bob ...
bobertini a Only way I can play M&B with less lag ...
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