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March News 2014

Kruse a posted Mar 30, 14
Hello Everybody

Starting this news section out by saying: Hell yeah. We fucking caught Malakith and interviewed him. But that didnt keep him from playing hard to get! But in the end, he gave up something for you little teasers (insert lovely Dropkick-sound here).

But this news section brings many new angles, and i hope you will find it not like the first 2.

Enjoy it guys :-)

panos at certain points i was flapping my arms like a retarded seal
spiider12 I saw à horrible thing, then i realised it was me in the mirror. BTW Kruse I am going to rape you when you are sleepin ...
Tokin Why's the text highlighted black? it's hard to read D: But another good news section once more.

February News 2014

Kruse a posted Mar 7, 14

Merry February 77y

Sorry for this delay of our news-post.
So, how did February go? Well, for my part, I've been a rascal and haven't been that active... For the last part that is. The early part was much better :-) But hold on, what happened in February? Our lords Aztir and Malakith decided to SKIP TRAINING!!! Oh my gawd! How could they? Specially Malakith, who pummels us: "ATTEND TRAINING YOU STUPID CRETINS! OR ILL TEAR YOUR HEAD OFF AND SHIT YOU DOWN YOUR NECK!...."-ish. But that's not all.
They heard our prayers and let us attend a siege event. All of those of us who cried for our Thursday-siege, actually got a Tuesday-siege. And what a glorious one indeed. Can some of the old people come and tell when's the last time we won a siege in less than 2 minutes? I can think of that Tintagel-map, please don't kill me if I spell wrong, but we did a good fast one at that map too. But has success gone far up our heads? As I saw, February divided our camp in two. Those who were ok with moving training to Thursday, and having weekly siege on Tuesdays, and those who wanted it the old way.
But hell, let's not worry about that, let's all just drop in every day at event-time, and have what fun we can!

BumFluff Very nice kruse
Abekrampe Just as entertaining as the first one. And yes by all means spawn in as musicians, now I dare you.
Jeljer007 a They can want it all they want. They aint getting it Reeky xD

January News 2014

Kruse a posted Feb 2, 14

Hello glorious 77y

It is now officially February, and therefore, we can safely conclude the end of the first month of a fresh new year. With a new year, comes new ideas. My idea has been to start off this news-section, which will involve a news post every month. Most people will find this boring, BUT WAIT! There's more!
Each month, we will find victims within the 77y, who will be prosecu- I mean interviewed for the news-section. You will all be able to bring suggestions to questions they will have to answer, and hopefully, some funny secrets will be revealed, that will make us all laugh.

Gazlum a When I read the jeljer bits I nearly died
Scarface Lovely idea Kruse! A great job if you ask me. I can't really come with constructive critisism here because I don't reall ...
obiwan511 you should interview mal for sure. maybe the caduts xD that would be a laugh
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