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Tournament Winners!

bobertini a posted Tue at 22:06
Congrats to Raii, Koala and Osiris for winning 5-3 against Gaz, Bumfluff and Kruse!


Scarface Could had up textures a tiny notch for the screenshot bob ...
bobertini a Only way I can play M&B with less lag ...
NickLazanis /moisture....see what you did there bob....your ts avatar.
Hello All

As title and picture says, we will host a Melee Tournament this tuesday, 14th october, after training, in loving memory of Scarface. It is rushed out, because we do not wish to let Bob begin his reign in this, before we have given a proper goodbye to Scarface :-)
Therefore: Show up after training tuesday, and melee the shit out of yourself! There will be a good chance to win, because we will count number of rounds won, not plain victories, so come and bring your best! And ofcourse, this is your last chance to have fun with Scarface in 77y-regi :-)

So, again, all I can say is: SHOW UP!!!!
Did I mention prizes?
And in Rikimaru-language: Melee? Melee! Melee!? Meleeeee!

With Love, yours truly fucked up, Kruse ;-)
A_random_Fellow Kruse, we all know that you stole that pic form Napoleon total war:Peninsular Campaign....
NickLazanis Very Nice i am pleased.
Date: 28th October
Format: Most probably 3v3 NW (1 Rifle)
Time: After training (Approx 8.15pm to 9.15pm BST)

Prizes: TBC (Donate to make sure there is prizes :D)

Simon Tournaments only happening the week i work, i cri everitim.
RARSP111 You would not mind that an invite joined you right guyssssss...
Kruse a #YOLO ...
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